Stag Hen Party – Tramp Stamp ‘Tattoo’

Get the stag or hen a bit scared with a real 'Tramp Stamp'. In a tattoo studio near the Central Station of Amsterdam a tattoo artist will place a fake tattoo with for example the name of the soon to be husband or wife.

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Stag Hen Party – Tramp Stamp ‘Tattoo’

Stag Hen Party Amsterdam

Just imagine this: you stop in front of the door of a tattoo studio and tell the stag/hen that you managed to make an appointment with one of the most popular tattoo artists in Amsterdam, to make an everlasting memory of the stag/hen night! You tell the stag/hen that his/her soon to be husband/wife’s name will be tattooed above their butt, what present would be better to come home with? Ofcourse eventually it will become clear that there won’t be made a real tattoo, but we can ensure you that the experience will be remembered forever. You can choose to only give the stag/hen a Tramp Stamp, a few persons or everyone in the group. You can choose ‘on the spot’ for a nice design, or ask the tattoo artist for inspiration. Read here more about the price, free drink, special location and service of the tattoo studio
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