House Rules

Make photos of art and respect the ladies. Sailor Mémoire, Trompettersteeg

Our House Rules


#1 Do not steal

We call the police and fine you the cost of the product + 150 Euro’s compensation for lost time


#2 Do not break our stuff

If you do break something, you pay the product + 150 Euro’s compensation for lost time


#3 Follow our instructions

If you don’t you will be requested to leave the Red Light Workshop


#4 Respect the sex workers in the Red Light District

Do not take photos or film them. The glass of the windows is really thin, they understand everything you say, so talk with respect to or about them.


#5 Smoking, preparing or using hard or soft drugs is not allowed

in or in front of the Red Light Workshop


#6 Do not stand or climb upon our furniture


#7 Please enter and leave the Red Light Workshop in a calmly fashion


#8 We have a name and shame policy towards people not respecting our house rules


#9 And, last but never least: have a lot of fun!!

Red Light Workshop is part of the Dutch Tour Company

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The Red Light Workshop works together with the Aids Healthcare Foundation

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